The Adventures of
           Ruthy Otero
The costume designer for Glee Live Tours, Allison Leach, is responsible for the stylish staff attire.
The cufflinks everyone wears have Gordon Ramsay’s face on them.

  I thought this neon sculpture hanging from the ceiling was an abstract bull.  Nope.

   It represents Gordon Ramsay’s hand gestures as he prepares his signature dish Beef Wellington.   It was created by Andrey Berezowsky.
The entrance represents The Chunnel from Paris to England.
Get it?!...Paris Hotel....
A waiter goes up to each table with this meat cart which displays 8 different cuts of beef, each with it’s own rear view mirror
- Lemon Focaccia with olive oil      
 - Black Truffle Mushroom with Pancetta, 
 - Baguette with blue cheese and walnut
 - English Devonshire butter with volcanic salt.  

        OMG,the butter was like ‘BUTTAH’.
“Mid-well Kobe skirt steak served with red wine demi-glaze, Guinness infused mustard seeds and fresh watercress.”  The asparagus was served with “chanterelle mushrooms with mushroom cream sauce and a sherry vinaigrette.”
 It was the most delicious skirt steak I’d ever had and the asparagus was a tasty complement.
 I started the meal muttering “I want to cry” and ended it crying “I want to have his baby”.
Sweet Pudding Cake, Brown Sugar Toffee, Brown Butter Ice Cream.

The ice cream is shaped like a stick of butter!!